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    Guangdong Le gang special steel professional sales NAK80 die steel, DC53 die steel, S136 die steel, SKD11 die steel, SKD61 mold steel, 718 die steel, 8407 die steel, VIKING mold, DH31-Super, PD613, PAC5000, DEX series , DRM series, NAK101 and other high-quality mold steel, supporting professional mold steel technical advice and after-sales service, and Japan Datong die steel DAIDO STEEL, Sweden wins a hundred mold steel ASSAB, Japan Hitachi HITACHI METALS die steel, Japan Fuji NACHI high speed steel , The United States melting furnace Sibo Crucible powder tool steel, Germany Ge Leeds Groditz die steel, Sweden Udehol tool steel UDDEHOLM TOOLING, tungsten steel, breathable steel PM-35 and other well-known brands at home and abroad Mold steel manufacturers to establish a long-term stability The material is rich in resources, variety specifications complete, stable quality and reasonable price, are provided "quality assurance", prompt delivery (material 24 hours delivery, concentrate 36 to 48 hours delivery, emergency pieces can be special treatment )...more >>
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Dongguan City Le Hong Kong Special Steel Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-769-85358200
Fax: +86-769-85359876
Mobile: +86-13712132567
Q Q: 2366824324
E-mail: 2366824324@qq.com
Website: www.mingze588.com
Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Changan town of Wu Sha Industrial Zone
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